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3 TIPS TO CONQUER A WEEK: How to experience successful living?

The beautiful thing is that you can actually start feeling successful right now because all it is is about feeling; feeling to look back and be proud of yourself for whatever you have done, grown, passed through. And, this feeling helps you perpetuate the external, material success which helps you boost your confidence, which is the internal feeling. It’s all about the positive psyche that helps you go on and on.


3 Major things school does not teach you but books do.

School is a learning hub for every one of us in the most precious times of our life, the growing age of our life.
Have you ever thought of things that school has not taught you?
There are many things that we learn from school. Unfortunately, there are enormous relevant moreover crucial concepts of life which school doesn’t put any effort in teaching.

#65 Q. How to not get provoked? #365daysofsoulsearching

Unfortunately, provocation has not been categorized as any feeling or emotion. Provocation is an emotion of a person who practices it, not of the person who gets proved by it. Because provocation is the most expressive way, how someone reflects his insecurities upon the world.

#64 Q. HOW TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE THE RIGHT WAY? #365daysofsoulsearching

Gratitude is the easiest way to feel fulfilled. As you get to count on your blessings this way. It’s been recommended to practice gratitude when you begin complaining about your life situations, hardships, and people as well. But, I believe that it becomes more difficult and less genuine when we have to practice gratitude at such times.


To answer your question of, ‘how to easily be productive ?’ You need to do some behind-the-scene preparations.
Declutter- Align – Focus
The overbearing mollycoddling of ourselves, which is our comfort zone creates fragility. It creates weakness, not strength.

How to let go of what people think of you? 3 Reasons why to let it go.

It feels so funny as well as weird that how could we not gather the courage to pursue something that we really want to do just because we are bothered about what people would think. Admit to yourself that it is you who want to do something for yourself which actually matters more than anyone’s opinion, suggestion, or judgment.

#63 Q. How to stop complicating our life? #365daysofsoulsearching

Sometimes we get in our way. We ignore gods calling on our lives. Because we are fearful or because we just don’t know from where to begin. Imposter Syndrome is something when we have that little voice in our head that makes us feel like we are imposing ourselves someway.

#62 Q. Why to stop helping others? #365daysofsoulsearching

Not helping is a very controversial concept. However, not helping a wrong person throughs light upon the actual issue. If you think that helping wrong person doesn’t matter because you are doing good at your part. And, this is all what matters. You absolutely wrong!
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How to stop being hard on yourself? 7 tips to deal with your self-criticism

This is something many of you would relate to. And, this is what I personally still struggle with because I tend to work my better version delicately every single day, I like to reach out to the target, to be an achiever. But it becomes negative when you need it so bad that this unnecessary pressure turns out to be a negative force in your life. It starts to bring you down and undoubtedly stop providing any kind of service to you.