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THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren: Book Review

Jessica being the one initially feeling comparatively unsure about the equation towards the end, realized that:
“destiny could also be a choice, to believe or not, to be vulnerable or not, to go all in or not.”
(And, this was the only fact certifying River’s unexpected admission in Jessica’s life, Jessica unwillingly falling for him, and ultimately wanting him to stay forever despite the disclosure of the 98 scores of DNA being falsified.)

#68 Q. How to be intentional with your life? #365DAYSOFSOULSEARCHING

Desire is a thing that makes you think that what you are doing in your life, the things that you have in your life, are going to help you or hurt you towards anything you are trying to build.

Why you don’t need to be optimistic? Pessimism is better

Positive thinking had been perceived incorrectly a lot of times. The faith surrounding the idea of thinking positive is somehow failing. Unfortunately, everyone had begun to adopt the habit of optimism to ignore the reality of their life. Excessive positive thinking is putting the optimum in a box.

3 tips to conquer a week. What I am? 4 Philosophies on finding “self”

Be someone that the one who loses you says,’ they missed out on their fate’ and the one who earns you says, ‘you are worth the wait.’ Some would say you are godly like heaven, while others would say, you are vicious like venom.
You don’t need to be the right or don’t even try to be the right person for anyone. Because in the very beginning it’s your credibility that makes you matter something to someone and in the end also it’s only the credibility of a person that matters.

Silence is power! Because less is more. Top 3 benefits of being silent

Silence can transcend speech, speak without words, and complement where verbal language is lacking. And keeping silent also has advantages in terms of creativity, mental health, spiritual and religious practice, achieving the upper hand in negotiations, and even as a way to intimidate.

3 tips to conquer a week: Things hard to learn, do pay off forever.

There is a lot of information you can learn that loses much of its usefulness in a couple of years. I believe we focus too much on that kind of immediate knowledge and always forget to explore skills that take a longer time to learn and require more consistent practice.

The 48 Laws of Power: Book summary by Farheen Dhanjal

Power is endlessly seductive and deceptive in its own way. Do not be frivolous with such a critical matter. The gods of power frown on the frivolous; they give ultimate satisfaction only to those who study and reflect, and punish those who skim the surfaces looking for a good time.

3 tips to conquer a week: What are the best means of self-care?

HABITS keeps you hooked with the routine and serves by releasing you free from taking too many decisions. And, the ultimate benefit of not taking too many decisions is to keep your energies and efforts reserved for those decisions of the day, which require more brainpower among other decisions.

3 ways, reading can change your perspective moreover life

Books go into so much detail about whole other worlds. So, in your brain, you would have that kind of space for people, places, connections, histories, and stories that are just as real as you have lived those experiences by yourself.