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3 tips to conquer a week: Things hard to learn, do pay off forever.

There is a lot of information you can learn that loses much of its usefulness in a couple of years. I believe we focus too much on that kind of immediate knowledge and always forget to explore skills that take a longer time to learn and require more consistent practice.

But when you do master those skills they pay off forever because they can be applied all the time and they have a true impact on how you’re living your life.

And, I wanted to discuss these because these tasks need time and learning but a week is sufficient to convince oneself to get along these because these are worth investing our time and effort.

Here are the three skills that although they are hard to learn, do pay off forever.

3 tips to conquer a week

I. Self-analysis

Self-analysis is the ability to explore and investigate your own personal thoughts emotions and behavior. Although it may occur non-consciously. Developing the habit of pursuing this regularly can help you in a lot of different contexts.

As you consider your own thoughts and self-examine your motivation you can better get a grasp on yourself and understands; where you actually want to be and how do you act the way you act. This basically helps you make better decisions, and create new boundaries as well. 

Think about life goals maybe you never dared to think about before overall this also helps you learn more about yourself instead of jumping into the crowd and doing whatever everyone else is doing.

II. Public speaking

This one is hard if you’re a shy person. Public speaking is hell for me it’s one of the hardest things to do especially if it’s in some sort of academic environment.

However, I can tell you from personal experience that practicing this and trying to develop public speaking as much as possible really goes a long way in so many different settings from your work performance to the kind of opportunities you end up embracing.

The way you present yourself and how you speak your own ideas out loud does so much for you. And it’s also that kind of skill that you can learn on your own by practising putting yourself out there and reading the correct staple textbooks.

III. Time management

Managing your time is managing your life. It takes some time to understand how you can manage your calendar better. And it also requires some readjusting.

After all our life is constantly changing and with it so do our priorities our projects and our routines.

However, learning how you can schedule prioritize, and organize tasks and take into account your values your priorities as well as your energy levels will have such a big impair your lifestyle and the quality of your life you’ll have way more time in the day and you’ll feel so more Time in the day and you’ll feel so much more accomplished and fulfilled overall.

Those were the top 3 tips that you need to conquer a week with fruitful hard work.

Do what works for you! Use discernment.

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I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

7 thoughts on “3 tips to conquer a week: Things hard to learn, do pay off forever.

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips, Farheen. For me, balance is key. As a parent I must balance what I do for family and for myself. Exercise is a key underpinning so that I have energy to do all my tasks. Then there is schedule: enough to complete my work, but not so much as to miss out on spontaneous fun here and there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure. Yes! balance is a key. So good to hear that where you know your obligations towards your family, you even know the value of investing in yourself. Good day!:)

      Liked by 1 person

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