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Silence is power! Because less is more. Top 3 benefits of being silent

Silence can transcend speech, speak without words, and complement where verbal language is lacking. And keeping silent also has advantages in terms of creativity, mental health, spiritual and religious practice, achieving the upper hand in negotiations, and even as a way to intimidate.


3 ways, reading can change your perspective moreover life

Books go into so much detail about whole other worlds. So, in your brain, you would have that kind of space for people, places, connections, histories, and stories that are just as real as you have lived those experiences by yourself.

3 tips to conquer a week. How much feeling is not too much feeling?

Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s easier said than done but life is beautiful because it exists on this spectrum that we must embrace our pain with just as much as the passion we possess.
After all, one day this pain will all pass.

3 TIPS TO CONQUER A WEEK: How to experience successful living?

The beautiful thing is that you can actually start feeling successful right now because all it is is about feeling; feeling to look back and be proud of yourself for whatever you have done, grown, passed through. And, this feeling helps you perpetuate the external, material success which helps you boost your confidence, which is the internal feeling. It’s all about the positive psyche that helps you go on and on.

How to let go of what people think of you? 3 Reasons why to let it go.

It feels so funny as well as weird that how could we not gather the courage to pursue something that we really want to do just because we are bothered about what people would think. Admit to yourself that it is you who want to do something for yourself which actually matters more than anyone’s opinion, suggestion, or judgment.

#48 Q. HOW TO BE MORE OPTIMISTIC #365daysofsoulsearching

What does a better world look like in your imagination? Visualizing a better version of anything is being halfway to a much better reality of something.
Download free wall art printable Pdf. 16×20in.


We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control our responses to them. In this vein, the law of attraction can provide the optimism and proactive attitude that’s associated with resilience in difficult situations, but it must not be used as a tool of self-blame.

Top 3 Ways To CALM Your MIND; Mindful Practices

Whenever you are in a chaotic phase of life or acknowledge a stressful situation it’s super easy to get your mind cluttered and run a mile a minute. For this reason, it is important to calm your mind when cluttered and racing. And, mindfulness is one of the best reasons to deal with it.