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3 tips to conquer a week. How much feeling is not too much feeling?

It is not a problem if you feel too much.
It’s normal if you wake up and find your mind and body already buzzing, excited, dreading, anticipating stress, overwhelming joy, pain, pleasure, amusement, love, fear, boredom and pain.

It’s high time for you to learn that you appreciate your emotional intensity and passion of yours. Because it is exactly these sort of positive qualities (emotional intensity) that sometimes can save you from getting into a wandering, confused, and uncertain mode of your life.

So, here I discuss 3 ways, how you could manage your emotional intensity in the best possible manner.

#1 Ignore

Although conventional wisdom tells us that it is the most mature thing to face our problems head-on and deal with everything.

Well! there are cases where completely ignoring our problems and stepping away from us is quite helpful.

By conscious ignorance, you would find it so effective for those sorts of things in life that you just simply cannot change.

By far I have acknowledged that putting ourselves through the constant suffering of reliving those uncomfortable memories, again and again, will change absolutely nothing. Rather, they do hold the potential to distract us from the present by making us feel miserable.

Sometimes the memories and flashbacks to things that we have done or have been done to us in the past can be completely incapability outside of a healthy and controlled environment such as therapy or exercise.

Ignoring situations that no longer serve you would make you feel comfortable enough to know that you can process some unworthy situations from your past in the right way.

You can package it in a story that is more realising and make more sense rather than bringing an awful person to oneself.

With all honesty ignoring could not be the bottom line to every problem in our life. Absolutely not!

There are of course issues around avoiding and ignoring our problem which leads me to my second point.

#2 Chase

It’s okay to feel the pain. But it’s not okay to suffer from your pain.

But I tell you pain does have a shape and size of its own. You can measure your pain, your heart ages, and your soul aches.

Because I’m not talking about physical pain. I’m talking about the pain which gets generated from our gas past experiences, which further affects our emotions, feelings, our thought processes. And, ultimately our life.

It’s high time you should start believing that we should not be hoping for a life without problems. Problems will come anyway we should be hoping for a life with the right type of problems.

The fact not all pain is bad. You may have already realized some of the moments of the most intense experiences of intense emotional pain.

I live the phrase,' pain is coming anyway don't get a shield, get a saddle and tame it.'

So if we want to choose our problems in life a good way to do this is just to choose the pain that we want to endure.

Some pain even when we are trying to void a pain will always find us. And, this leads me to my last point.

#3 Embrace

Pain tends to have quite a bad reputation. Pain isn’t good or bad always.

It sometimes just is Frederick Nietzsche one of the best philosophers told the story of a lamb and an eagle.

He says the eagle eats the lamb but that’s not because the eagle hates the lamb or wants to cause it damage.

The eagle is causing pain only from the perspective of the lamb, not by some objective truth in the universe.

In the same way, when actions happen and they cause us to pain it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad it just means that sometimes we are the lamb.

And this apathetic embrace to everything that happens to you whether good or bad, or positive or evil without any judgment or anger or fear or wanting to happen things to be any different, as what has happened to you.

Those were the 3 ways to manage your emotional intensity.

After all, one day this pain will all pass.

Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s easier said than done but life is beautiful because it exists on this spectrum that we must embrace our pain with just as much as the passion we possess.

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I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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