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3 tips to conquer a week: Why do I feel tired all the time? 3 ways to truly rest

First of all, I want to know who lied to us and told us that we’re supposed to spend the weekend partying so we never catch up on rest. And, further, we never have time to do things for ourselves.
Because we party during the weekend and then we need the first part of the week to recover it’s this endless cycle of not resting or overexerting ourselves during the week and then further exerting ourselves on the weekend.


3 tips to conquer a week: How to make more time in your life?

The main way that people go wrong when they are planning out their goals is that they picture their future self as like a month to be the absolute ideal self. They are planning for this ideal future version of them, not the current ones. Their future self is filled with resilience, motivation, and endless energy, never have circumstances come up that mess with that plans.

3 tips to conquer a week. How much feeling is not too much feeling?

Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s easier said than done but life is beautiful because it exists on this spectrum that we must embrace our pain with just as much as the passion we possess.
After all, one day this pain will all pass.

3 TIPS TO CONQUER A WEEK: How to Become Insightful?

Yes! A week is comparatively a small span of time to upgrade our insight. However, insight comes with age, experience, and maturity. Basically, being insightful is a lifelong process. And, it is always better, to begin with, it as soon as possible. So, why not in the coming week?


To answer your question of, ‘how to easily be productive ?’ You need to do some behind-the-scene preparations.
Declutter- Align – Focus
The overbearing mollycoddling of ourselves, which is our comfort zone creates fragility. It creates weakness, not strength.


When you realize the changes are happening, bring yourself back to the now. You would be able to handle whatever shake-up the next moment brings when you get to it.
Till then, observe:
– At this moment, you’re still breathing.
– At this moment, you’ve survived.
– At this moment, you’re finding a way to step onto higher ground.
And, this is enough, presently.

3 TIPS TO CONQUER A WEEK: Make every moment count

The surest way to discipline passion is to discipline time:
“decide what you want or ought to do during the day, then always do it at exactly the same moment every day, and passion will give you no trouble.”