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3 TIPS TO CONQUER A WEEK: How to Become Insightful?

Yes! A week is comparatively a small span of time to upgrade our insight. However, insight comes with age, experience, and maturity.

Basically, being insightful is a lifelong process. And, it is always better, to begin with, it as soon as possible. So, why not in the coming week?

I thoroughly believe that the week begins from the weekend before the week when you get ample time to think, plan and strategize your week ahead.
Because, on the weekend you get an opportunity to slow down, to be sure to take for your personal growth by preparing yourself for what the week may bring ahead.

Here are 3 tips to upgrade your insight.

# 1 Respond rather than react

We all know that feeling when anger pops up. Someone says something that hurts you or a tough piece of feedback comes your way. Or someone isn’t listening closely as you like them to. And, at those moments we snap at someone we live with or say something hurtful ourselves emotionally.

Anger is a human emotion and we don’t need to avoid or repress it. Those reactions are instincts out of protection or defence of ourselves.

But there is a better way to navigate our emotional reactions. It’s the power of waiting when you have something that you don’t like. And, decide how you want to respond? What do you need?

You can open up your perspective on the shared values you might have with the person who acted in an appreciative manner with all of this you can think through a response with compassion.

#2 Think of the mistakes as learning lessons

It’s been said that ‘if you survive your first heart attack then you could actually have a better chance of living up to 90 to 100 years than someone who didn’t have a heart attack.

And, the reason why? As doctors say ‘if you don’t change the way your life is, if you don’t change the way you are, if you don’t change whatever you consume, if you don’t change what you get affected of, you could actually die.

This is a way you require downfall in your life. Everything what happens in your life whether it is positive or negative is learning experience. Learning requires failure in life.

You have to fail. And, when you fail you have to look at the experience and find it out what you can get out of everytime when you fail.

There is one secret!
This is what most people do. Most people fail and they get into the mindset of, ‘oh man, this was not for me, I must have picked the wrong thing that successful person would have chosen something else.’

But in reality:
All the successful people that they are looking at are just the proper, ones who happen to get it right once. They say that the great thing about success is that you only have to be right once. But, to be right once you have to be wrong a lot more times than you are right.

#3 Turn pain into power

Anger causes the maximum pain to you. Fortunately, you do possess power to transform it into power.

“Anger is just an energy and all energy can be transformed.” -Marie Forteo

I believe that the emotion of anger is present even to make us transform it into the most powerful transformation of energies that any other emotion can serve us with.

Haven’t you experienced this ever? You must have.

3 Steps to channel ANGER into a FORCE for GOOD:


– Take a really deep breath and see if you can feel that energy somewhere in your body.
– Just like you know how excitement can sometimes feel like butterflies in your belly.
– Typically it only lasts just a few seconds, from where you would learn that pain is short-lived, and so could deal with it better.


Get curious and ask yourself,
– what exactly do you feel angry about?
– what do you feel is wrong right now?
– and, more importantly, why?


It’s about answering:
– What do you think should happen instead?
– What is a positive action that you might want to take to help yourself?
– Is there something that you might want to share with others?

“Use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote for it. You do everything about it.”

-Dr. Maya Angelou


I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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