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3 tips to conquer a week: Why do I feel tired all the time? 3 ways to truly rest

First of all, I want to know who lied to us and told us that we’re supposed to spend the weekend partying so we never catch up on rest. And, further, we never have time to do things for ourselves.

Because we party during the weekend and then we need the first part of the week to recover it’s this endless cycle of not resting or overexerting ourselves during the week and then further exerting ourselves on the weekend.

3 Tips to conquer a week

Why do I feel tired all the time? 3 ways to truly rest


This is something that is new to me and that I have recently come to understand is so powerful. Emotional rest is to allow yourself to be true to your own emotions being true to how you really feel. And, this would be really hard for a people pleaser, one like me.

I found out that it’s really such a relief to just know; I’m with people sometimes I’m not feeling so good so I’m not gonna have a smile on my face I’m not gonna fill in the white space with rambling about some random thing just to make other people feel more comfortable.

It’s just being genuine about how you feel authentically. Let your face do what it wants to drop. If it doesn’t want to have a smile on all the time. That’s fine to spend your time expressing yourself intentionally.

Expressing yourself through breath work and having a really good cry is emotional rest. Emotional rest really deflates all these extra emotions and stress chemicals from our bodies.


Yes! there is another rest called creative rest. It’s seeing something beautiful and not needing to do anything about it.

Creative rest comes into play when you are not trying to monetize the beautiful thing or make it something productive.

Creative rest is when you are just sitting there watching something beautiful and taking it in. As in, when you watch a sunset, a sunrise, gazing starts.

To experience creativity rest either you can hang out in your gallery to gaze at the natural beauty or could visit an art gallery.

The creative rest is doing something that is just for yourself. It is to rest the anxiety within yourself when at times feeling restless about, “what to do to feel better in the very situation.”


Spiritual rest connects you with a divine so this could be connecting to something bigger than yourself. It’s connected to your higher self in the community or individually through prayer.

What I do is I really like to go to my balcony to talk to God and journal and of course, you can talk to your higher self, the universe from wherever you are.

So far I have realized that it is so restoration and rejuvenating to do so, in nature. It’s almost like I can feel the presence of the almighty even more.

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