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There are 100s of productivity tips out there whether they are energy management, time management, efficiency tools, methods, and even software.

There is a huge community for showing you the ways that maximize your output, the quality of your work, and the efficiency of your schedule.

Unfortunately, nothing is going to work out until you would know the ‘behind-the-scene’ hustle of getting prepared enough to get started with any of the productivity techniques.

To answer your question of, ‘how to easily be productive ?’ You need to do some behind-the-scene preparations.

Declutter- Align – Focus

The overbearing mollycoddling of ourselves, which is our comfort zone creates fragility. It creates weakness, not strength.

Be honest with yourself and answer:
– Are you still reflecting on your life while being in your comfort zone?
– How much do you try daily to get out of your comfort zone?
– How many times you have put off the traps to get into the growth mindset by rescinding your comfort zone?

To come out of your comfort zone this week I have discussed some ground-level techniques you need to learn and live to conquer your week.

3 tips to conquer your week

1. It’s time to move – Awake on the old

Your awakening is a process of letting go of the old to allow in the new. It sounds easy.

Unfortunately, when the time comes for us let go of something:
– We find letting go not an appropriate option, or
– We find ourselves ready to let go of it.
– We find ourselves looking for ways to attach ourselves to that thing, forcefully.

Signs, you need to awake it’s quite old, no longer productive, and you should move on:
– You suspect that it’s time to move on.
– There would be an evident distance between you and that, something you need to let go of.
– Your vibrations or energies with that something or someone begin getting an essence of the clash.
– You visualize the incompatibility.
– You know that ‘holding on’ would keep you from progressing.

When you have so many reasons to let go. Why do you want to hold on to something which has ultimately begun creating doubt for its existence in your life?

If you experience any or all of these signs accept that you are ready. And, the “but”, the guilt of holding on would serve you with nothing later on.

2. Realign with your intention

A lot of times I have seen lots of people asking the question; ‘what is alignment?’
When you are in alignment things just happen organically, and manifestation even becomes instant to attract.

Being in alignment is a connection between your lower self (our outer part, the physical being) and your higher self (the inner self, who you are). It is a very specific feeling that you tap into.

You become aligned by going in the direction of your happiness and feeling of high vibration. In your life go after those feelings, go after those joyous experiences. Because anything that raises your vibration snaps you back into the alignment.

The thing about alignment is when you have the lower, negative things happening to you, you don’t react promptly. Like:
– How this could happen to me?
– The law of Attraction doesn’t work!
– Spirituality is nothing!
– Raising vibration is just a thing!

You won’t feel this way when you are in alignment with yourself. And, then when you see any negative thing happening to you.
– You would acknowledge the situation in its real sense.
– You remove the reaction and you become the observer.
– You would know why something happened to you.
– You would sense the sources of the situations happening to you.

The ability to align your in the moment intentions to longer-term goals allows you to:

– Shift the focus off barriers and towards what you hope to achieve
– Choose actions that represent your values
– Live in harmony with your larger purpose
– Not react to temporary negative emotions

3. What’s your focus?

Distractions would truly destroy your potential, waste your time, would lead you to a feeling of stress, anxiety, and pressure.

When you choose a roadmap to genuinely and deeply follow your intent to focus you eventually start to seek productivity, effectiveness, and most importantly raised vibration and energies of yours.

Focus is not just being productive and how to win over life. But, the focus is achieving productivity with grace happiness, and fulfillment.

4 ways to focus to teach lead your mind to focus:
# concentrate on the matter, not the pressure.
# put reminders of your life purpose around you, all over your space
# visualize your best self and take actions to be there.
# use free time to prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Staying committed to a central task can be greatly beneficial in the workplace. No matter the industry you work in, increasing your attention span can propel your professional success. Here are four benefits of being focused:

Those were the 3 behind-the-scene jobs you need to do to make productivity an easy job.



I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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