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3 ways, reading can change your perspective moreover life

I have probably read a lot of books by this time in my life and I often get asked how to make reading a habit or how to read more.

Usually, my response is well why do you want to read at all. And, the answer to that is something along the lines of ‘knowing it’s good for us, we want to take the benefit out of it’. While I don’t think that anyone should compare their reading to be more or less than other people. And, I genuinely think that books could change the way that your brain could ever work.

Therefore, I want to share 3 ways that books could kind of shift and change your ability to perceive things. And, if any one of these sounds a bit interesting maybe that might give you a stronger incentive to start reading.


Books go into so much detail about whole other worlds. So, in your brain, you would have that kind of space for people, places, connections, histories, and stories that are just as real as you have lived those experiences by yourself.

Sometimes even as an adult at times you might want to escape the present for life half an hour. All you need to do is pick a fiction book, in which you already know that you can get lost in yourself through getting lost in the whole of other reality.

When you would experience reading to escape your reality, after a while you would find that; inclining ready with your life situations, you ever wanted to escape have given a new dimension, a fresh perspective to your heartfelt, personal memories.

Reading even adds the whole areas of vibrancy and joy that are very fun to kind of escape. Moreover, reading kinda really promotes your imagination in an absolutely beautiful way.


For example, if I’m reading a story where an author is kinda describing the trees and lots of detail about its moves, shape, size, and the way they shed its leaves. I have realized that the next time when I leave my home I more often appreciate the existence and there. presence and ever minute changes in my surrounding like I would never do anyhow.

Many different authors choose to focus on many different realities which can be physical things or certain characters like how the hair flows in the main protagonist, or how their eyes sparkle.

Reading lets you focus on all the tiny yet quite significant things or the type of people in your surroundings.

Reading helps you to accept the difference between you and the other person.

Do you know? What is the difference between you and them? They may be; the one who is sitting beside you but still doesn’t aware of your presence in their life, they may be the one who resides away and still value your existence in their life. Or, the one who doesn’t ask anything in return for everything they do for you, or the one who doesn’t give anything in return for whatsoever you do for them.

The difference between you and them is the perspective, how to see and understand things and how they do it.

I won’t say that you should let go of someone, who did something wrong to you. And, I don’t even recommend you to do something for the sake of having a different perspective.

What do you need to do?
Accept that they possess a different perspective and let them be as they are in their life. Instead of convincing, complaining, changing, moreover expecting.
Doesn’t this sound better?

Reading teaches you the insight of acceptance into diversity within human perspective, living, and loving.


Yes, reading does unlock those parts of your brain that you didn’t know that you even have access to.

For example, at times when you feel bad, you might label it as anxiety or stress or just feeling low. But, every often it feels quite vague as you actually don’t know what is actually causing that particular kind of feeling.

I fully believe that if I don’t have specific words to name my feelings I just don’t have access to what that feeling really is.

What happens is that your subconscious might know what it is but you are only consciously aware of the fact that there’s something brewing inside there. But, you don’t know what it is.

Now, how reading helps here is like when sometimes you would read a book where the author can describe very very similar to what you were feeling and suddenly something would click in your mind and you would get to know that why you felt that way, or why you reacted in a certain way.

This is all because authors can express the character they have created themselves. And, because they have a better grip on literature than you have.

Those were the ways how you could let reading improvise your perspective moreover life. Do what works for you, but do consider these points whenever you feel confused about life.




I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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