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3 LIFE LESSONS I WISH I KNEW IN MY 20s: Better Late Than Never

Not just in your 20s but way before and even after it, we keep on wandering, if:
– my life has been going in the right direction?
– am I reaching out the right way?
– am I doing the right thing?
And, even though didn’t get any answer about what I am supposed to be doing.

How to stop being hard on yourself? 7 tips to deal with your self-criticism

This is something many of you would relate to. And, this is what I personally still struggle with because I tend to work my better version delicately every single day, I like to reach out to the target, to be an achiever. But it becomes negative when you need it so bad that this unnecessary pressure turns out to be a negative force in your life. It starts to bring you down and undoubtedly stop providing any kind of service to you.

3 Top Tips to Build a life you love

Keep exploring, keep learning, keep growing, and don’t settle anything less than what you deserve.
Don’t settle for what seems okay, mediocrity, or even average. Rather, keep pushing your boundaries, dream big and reach out to something that you truly want.
Because you only have this one life. I know it sounds a bit cliche. But it is what it is!