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3 Major things school does not teach you but books do.

School is a learning hub for every one of us in the most precious times of our life, the growing age of our life.

Have you ever thought of things that school has not taught you?

There are many things that we learn from school. Unfortunately, there are enormous relevant moreover crucial concepts of life which school doesn’t put any effort in teaching.

Fortunately, we do have something which could teach us everything that school doesn’t teach us. And, that is BOOKS.

Here are the 3 major things the school doesn’t teach us but books do.

#1 Letting small bad things happen

Letting small bad things happen is alike learning to make small mistakes. I adore the suggestion of developing the habit of letting small bad things happen otherwise you won’t get time for life-changing big things.

And, in school from a very young age, we are being taught clearly to get done even the small things very very well. And, the small Mistakes could charge you a negative point.

Remember, how we all use to get that extra start or a plus grade as a reward for not performing the tiniest mistake. And, we were told that getting everything right and perfect could only lead us to “reward”.

We were taught in school that by making mistakes we could get universally wrong and making mistakes is like something that should be immediately changed.

While I believe that this is a very wrong way to approach life. And, books have a kind of much healthier view regarding the lessons and influences that you could gain from making mistakes.

I think you have a very safe environment within a book to see how characters mess up their lives and do all these terrible things. Books make us comfortable with the fact that no one is a perfectionist not even the main character of the story.

You’ll  be moved by the thought that, ‘ any fool can learn from their own experience it’s ain’t the smart ones that can learn from other people’s experiences.’

Through books, it is a way you are testing yourselves and putting your brains through experiences without having to do them on your own. And, more importantly than all we are kind of shown that when other people make mistakes they are accepted, they are fine, somehow they find situations working out for them in long term.

While in school this is a behaviour that is never encouraged, accepted or kind of presented in any sort of positive trait in anyone of us.

#2 Emotional intelligence

What I mean by emotional intelligence particularly is that I find it so funny how no one expects us to discover the theories we study in academic books. Everyone expects us to accept the things, teachings already done and carry them forward in our learnings from generation to generation.

However, when it comes to emotional intelligence when it comes to being understanding the consequence of trauma, understanding our insecurities, or understanding different types of attachments in a certain way we could process our feelings and think about the world we are expected to do so.

And, all this emotional stuff is potentially the biggest thing happening in our lives and is never even touched in school at all.

What happens is: we all are brought into the world, shoved into social situations and left to deal with people without any sort of expertise and experience from people in the past.

We have never been taught in school how to kind of make sense of what’s going on in our brain.

It is so disappointing to acknowledge in our grown-up phase of life that when in school we could be expected capable enough to understand theories, concepts, different languages, ethics, discipline then how we could have not been smart enough to understand that ‘how to deal with our feelings and emotions.’

However, by reading books you can read about the inner psychology of characters and how they grow and how they change, and how that evolves in different situations in their lives.

#3 Letting go of your beliefs

Books make it easier to learn because they help you to let go of your belief.

As Richard Feynman said something along the lines of “I have no beliefs because beliefs get in the way of learning.”

And, I thoroughly believe in his thought. We all have beliefs and school is in the business of giving us beliefs and thoughts about how the world works and how things work but that does set us in a very rigid mindset.

I don’t think that schools do a good job of kind of helping us think outside of the box or letting us question our values and beliefs.

While by reading a book you are put into the perspective of the character or the author, who is completely different and you go through the whole book with a completely different mindset. And therefore therefrom you are unintentionally receptive and open to learning new things, new beliefs.

Those were the 3 major things which school doesn’t teach us but books do.

Everyone has their own experiences you would know better what you were not being taught in school. Do what works for you but do read more books to be wiser and have a better insight to deal with your feelings and emotions.



I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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