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HOW TO RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF. 4 ways to be motivated

Those were the top 4 tips which had helped me to reconnect with myself every time I have felt low. And, the motivation I have received from dealing with hardships I ever faced in my life literally turned me into the high-performing and ambitious designer of my life so far.

4 Effective Time Management skills you got to have

You may have often heard everyone saying, time management is the skill you got to have. But, how? Basically, time management is optimizing and taking advantage of your most finite resource, time.
4 Basic skills for Time Management:
I. Deduct – Do I need to do this?
II. Prioritize – what is most important?
III. Plan – when should I do this?
IV. Execute – how do I get it done?


DECLUTTER means getting rid of people who just don’t fit in your life, people who are not on the same page as you.
And, that person could be anyone, your friend, relative, ex, love interest. You just need to draw boundaries who abuse you psychologically, toxifies your surroundings, disturb your mental peace.


You can master no one, no situation, no one’s approach, literally nothing. But, what you can master is yourself; your thought process, your approach, your mindset, your mentality. The one job you are being assigned is to master your life. So, stop understanding why something happens to you and begin to create a worthy reaction to every situation going to happen to you by PRACTICING; Control – MOVE – GIVE

6 Effective ways to expand your PERSONAL GROWTH

The beauty of personal growth lies in its unlimited possibility — you can learn across many fields that pique your interest and go as deep as you would like to. And by continuously growing, you’re set on the path of living an extraordinary and fulfilled life.

8 master ways of Putting Yourself Out There

If you are not moving, you are stagnant, and when you are moving you thrive. I’m don’t want you to practice FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), when you feel the fear of being left behind and you practice everything in hand from the place of insecurity. I want you to acknowledge your need in the world out there.


It literally doesn’t matter how wrong your childhood decisions were, or whatsoever your childhood fear was which has grown within you like a trauma. All that matters is what you are going to do today to get yourself out of it. The last option you are left with is – “loving yourself”.