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What I mean by ‘purely productivity’ is a more balanced, holistic version of productivity which means not hustling, not doing too much, not spreading yourself too thin, and not taking pride in working over yourself.

I’m all about redefining productivity; it is not about carrying a batch of being busy. It is when you are instead having a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling productivity where you are still proud of yourself but not at the cost of your willingness, joyousness, and at peace and where you are left with the energies to give to another area of your life.

5 Tips to be Purely More Productive


You actually need to think about; why you need to be productive? Why do you care to be productive? What is that something that you seek to achieve to be productive? Lots of people want to be productive just for the sake of being productive. They just want to do it without knowing the fact; why? Dig deep and figure out why do you want to be productive moreover why are you reading this in the first place.

More often we fall off the habits of productivity because we tend to practice something productive for the wrong reason
As in, at times you read a book just for the sake of reading not with the intent of learning something out of it instead.

Do you want to be productive so that someone doesn’t get to know that you are not in the most hyped productivity habit? Or do you want to be productive because you genuinely find a sense of fulfillment and getting something actually done?

The bottom line is you need a clear, strong, and positive why? (why you want to be productive)before you get into the what? (What could provide you with productivity) and how? (How would you persuade a productive practice).


This one is often overlooked I think a lot of people find productivity as doing as much as you can. In reality, productivity is to get the efficiency of getting as much as you can in the given amount of time.

Productivity can mean different to different people. As earlier I was held upon an ideology of doing as much hard work you can. But, I’m redefining productivity in which balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction are the most important things for me.

I would suggest you lead a life with which you would have an equal and balanced amount of work, rest, and growth because we need all of these things.

Basically, what is important to be productive is to be aware of tackling tough situations at any given moment.


It is easier to be productive; if you:
– know what you are going to focus on, and
– break that into smaller parts and then start from the smallest action plan among them.

A lot of people get overwhelmed when they have a lot of stuff on their to-do list which certainly leads to procrastination.

The best productivity tip to focus on what matters is to break the big task into small chunks and start from the next important step.

Trust in the process than falling for the destination or result. Don’t focus upon the tones of things you have to do. Focus upon the one baby step you can practice now.

For example:
In order to wake up early in the morning putting an alarm is just not enough. Rather, you need to set a goal to be met in the morning which would let you get out of bed when your alarm rings.


There is a time when you have to do something or you want to do something. And, then there is a time where you actually do something.

If you know you have to do something try to take a baby step right away or the very next day or whatever seems to you as soon as possible. Because it would eventually build momentum to do that thing.

The larger time you leave between knowing and doing the harder it would be for you to start the task, you know you have to do.

For some reason, the longer we procrastinate on something the harder it becomes to jump the wall of security, of not dealing with fear. So getting started earlier would help you jump that wall when it is small. And, don’t let it build tall and strong enough to obstruct you to move forward.


You have to make sure that throughout this process of learning to be productive you are giving yourself emotional support. You are making sure that your self-talk is positive. You are making sure that you are not criticizing yourself, or feeling bad about yourself in the back of your mind.

If you keep on beating yourself up in the mind on the idea of not being productive for coming out with the results promptly you are definitely spiraling yourself in less wanting to even try to be productive.

I thoroughly believe to go through life by being your best constructive critic and support instead of being your destructive critic.

Next time whenever you get into negative self-talk do keep a check on being the one who knows you are good enough, and you are doing enough.

You may even try positive information like; I’m good enough, I’m doing enough, I’m enthusiastic because it literally works. Repeat it until your brain believes what you affirm.

Those were the 5 purely productive tips. As these would end you in a mindset that would not only hamper you from being harsh upon yourself, but it would even do all the deep mind processing thing to let you believe in productivity from deep inside you.



I am besides being a self-help writer and podcaster am a lawyer as well. I sense an intense inclination towards the power of words; their placing, usage moreover the power of interpretation they possess in law as well as philosophy. My writings are an outcome of great mind processing, notion understanding, and articulation skills as I write: – Concrete and straightforward, – Therapy and self-help, and – Professional and guidance.

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